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Study for Piano 2

Piano - 46 mins.


01 - Reminiscence

02 - Reconciliation

03 - Memories

04 - Temptation

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About this  Album


Eric Lang, the pianist performer:

He gained his first international prize when he was 22, and divides his carrier between teaching and concerts.

He worked in close collaboration with the composer for the adaptation to the piano and interpretation of these Etudes, which he now performs in concerts.


Etudes for piano - Vol.2:

This CD was conceived in a different state of mind than the first CD: the preparation of the orchestration.  A wider degree of freedom has been given to the pianist for this adaptation.

These 4 melodies stimulate the imagination and calm the mind… Certain of which appear in a more elaborate form in the Orchestral version (Frames for a Fairy Tale).

The melodies of Alain Amouyal always remain very close to nature, even when interpreted for the piano. These themes, chosen and adapted for the piano, are representative of a stage in Alain's works  which allows access to a wider audience. Like the melodies on the synthesizer, they mobilize emotional  experiences by reconnecting them with relevant memories through a process of association.

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