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Philosophy & Concept

Created by Alain Amouyal, Dominique Julliard and their associates in 1987, Studio Plateforme is located in the South of France in a small fishing town on the Mediterranean coast. Designed of and financed as a platform for research and creation,the studio was constructed and equipped according to the strictest requirements for precision and coherence in acoustics and technology. This was achieved in collaboration with renowned American acoustician Tom Hidley, with assistance from electronic engineering genius David La Barre.



Tom's Dedication

Tom Hidley,

was the acoustic consultant for Shaw Studios, a sizeable audio and film complex in Hong Kong. Dedicated specifically to film production and post-production, Shaw Studios comprises more than a million square-feet of digitally wired, secure facilities.

Shozo Kinoshita,

created the main monitor speakers. As Shozo explained it, “My aim has always been to build monitor systems that provide faithful reproduction of the source signal—and nothing else…. The control room at Studio Plateforme is, in my opinion, one of the best rooms that I have heard anywhere in the world!"

David La Barre,

engineered the electrical and electronic systems. In his words, ”The digital technologies lead to higher quality of performance… sonic neutrality is the only way to offer on digital support the real sound of live performance.”

As David explained it, this concept must be achieved through a logic sequence of interdependent achievements that include:

  • neutral acoustical environment
  • speaker system with lower distortion and wider bandwidth
  • optimized electronic devices
  • electrical and electronic wiring schemes and implementation for a higher standard of system interface

Jean-Marie Fusilier,

shares these observations about the HQS 3200 UPM Amplifier: “We sought solutions that significantly reduce any modification caused by electronics, in our quest of an ideal: TOTAL NEUTRALITY. With its new generation of amplifiers, JMF AUDIO offers you the result of years of research on component neutrality, which is itself the result of revolutionary technology. As innovative ideas replace old notions, we have taken a giant step towards pure and neutral sound reproduction. JMF AUDIO equipment is designed in a spirit of absolute performance, free from commercial imperatives, compromise, and pre-conceived ideas."

Building Forward

Here it is, a new adventure all in itself!

Dominique and I could not imagine how wonderful—yet how difficult—this would be. When we signed with Tom, we were convinced he was one of the best. Indeed, he was.

Technically, it was not difficult to manage this new building site. Dominique was a good architect, and I was too, in my own way. We were both accustomed to building and organizing. The results:

The Opus Completed

We thought that now, with the wiring finished and the final check complete, the beast was finally ready to start. But no… we then had to resolve electrical problems, grounding dilemmas, optimization issues, and so on.

Tom’s friend David La Barre arrived in September 1987 for what was to be a two-week stay to resolve these details. He departed three months later, just before Christmas!  I should write a book…

Studio Plateforme - 1987-2010

Musical Credits:

Cliff Eidelman (excerpts from Free Willy 3 - The Rescue)

Tony Joe White (excerpts from Steamy Windows)

Warning Light on!

Finally!! The state-of-the-art facility is inaugurated in December 1987.

All the English and Parisian VIP are there to admire the end product.

The sound in the control room is breathtaking, clear and accurate. Everyone is in awe!

Even Shozo Kinoshita, who built the main monitor speakers, is attending the show admiring the final result, combination of so much efforts.

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