Radio Airplay - Review by Ptotia Furlow, August 2020





Overall Impression:

The grandiosity of Alain Amouyal's "Dance" brings bold theatrical sounds to your speakers. The melodies float atop the luscious thick chords. Let the music carry you away to indistinct lands of imagination and sceneries where heightened passions can run free as you breathe. No matter the occasion, you feel the musical journey venture you through different emotions for appreciating the immediate moment. Close your eyes and let Alain take you on countless adventures in your mind with "Dance".


Strongest Point(s):

The construction of the piece is lovely and cleverly composed. Such seamless passing off of melodic lines between instruments written innovatively throughout the piece (example 4:11-4:32, vocal to flute finishing phrase then cello repeats the line & continue). It such a passionately composed piece that evokes so many emotions. Within "Dance", you have intimate moments that feel like reflection and solitude. From the vocals, piano, harp, and orchestra, the extensive use of all of the parts creates a huge, unbelievable, and magical backdrop for any theatrical scene (film or stage [ballet]).


The transitions between ideas never felt forced or abrupt. It felt continuous even with silence. "Dance" was well-though out. even when the vocals change in the melodic line before the orchestra at 0:23-0:25 created a tension and uneasiness that set up the next section of the mysteriousness with humming and tremolos in the strings. Everything has a purpose. Nicely done.


Area(s) of Improvement:

None. What would seem like a mistake actually isn't one in the context of a section. [Note: I heard a squeak from the strings at 0:49. Again, in the context of the entire piece, it doesn't affect the overall listening experience.]


Target Audience Appeal:

 Classical, Soundtrack (Film, Ballet). This is so befitting of any theatrical works especially movies. You have so many great ideas in this piece.


Artist target suggestions: Alan Silvestri, Alexandre Despla, Hans, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, James Horner, John Powell, John Williams, Randy Newman


About the Reviewer: Ptotia Furlow, classically trained violinist, is an educator and mentor who shares her knowledge while guiding youth in honing their skills in composition, performance, and other creative skills.


Vocals: Strength

Lyrics: Strength

Instrumental Performance/Execution: Strength

Melody/Rhythm: Strength

Arrangement/Flow: Strength

Recording Quality/Overall Mix: Strength


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