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Frames for a Fairy Tale

Orchestra - 54 mins.


01 - Temptation

02 - Dance

03 - Hope

04 - March

05 - Liberation

06 - Certainty

About this  Album


The “Frames for a Fairy Tale” suite for orchestra, voice and piano is the starting point in a project for a large-scale multimedia show.

This first orchestral version was composed by Alain Amouyal, co-arranged and orchestrated by Luc Marty, supervised by Conrad Pope and performed by the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra and the London Voices in Abbey Road Studio One.

This suite is, at one and the same time, the outcome of a long preparation, but also the first stage of a grand multimedia show bringing together different forms of art, such as choreography and virtual images.

It is the fruit of a work which began decades ago with improvisations on organ and synthesizers, some piano solo versions played in concerts as well as some versions for various instrumental ensembles.

But it is in particular the departure point of a vast musical project of which the first six pieces, interpreted here by the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra, represent but a few aspects.

The principal theme, which is at present the object of a theatrical treatment, is the battle of Orpheus to win again his Beloved. It is a fresco, a great epic which relies on the story of the mythical couple, but also coincides with the life experience of the composer since the story is, as all great legends are, without age. This is why it touches the depths of each of us.

“For me, your project is something that the masses are longing for, and I think the music has everything it needs, depth, sincerity, and real joy. I think there is a spiritual void that needs to be filled, and your project seems to be aiming right for the center of it. I really wish you all the luck and energy and love you need to continue with it …  I love the recording… It is glorious. Everyone I play it for agrees that the music is truly 'transformative'.”

— Michelle B., conductor

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