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Enlightened Heart

Synthesizer & Sampling - 72 mins.


01 - Passage

02 - Enlightened Heart

03 - Journey on the Spiral

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About this  Album


This 72 min. CD has  been published in order to allow people to discover some essential moods used in the Catharsis Technique and the Catharsis Application Program (

The three themes of this CD  are extracts of the “Projections” Collection (18 CDs in three packs), and allow the listener to discover this work. The « Projections » collection relies on numerous clinical studies to offer a musical support – which has shown itself to be effective -  for those who seek to improve their personal well-being. Numerous testimonies emphasize its unique capacity to put each one in touch with his problematic characteristics, thereby shedding light upon his personal search for ‘meaning’.

Making this music resonate along with the mental and affective sphere in each person can serve to reveal and activate the subconscious and its driving archetypes. It is therefore particularly recommended for use by psychotherapists and sophrologists… but at the same time for use by Retirement Homes – in particular for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease –  for palliative treatments… and, generally speaking, for anyone working with people who have emotional issues.

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