Saint-Martin de Survilliers

Bielorussian Radio-TV orchestra from Minsk

Soloits: Patrick De Hooghe & Marie-Pierre Desjoyaux

Between 1991 and 2010,

Alain Amouyal's musical works were publicly performed by various pianists in southern France, Paris, Namur (Belgium) and Munich (Germany) and 75-piece classical orchestras, with soprano and piano soloist, with a great impact on the mass.

Special thanks to:

  • Jean-Louis Rame who beautifully arranged and performed the Etudes for Piano n°1;
  • Eric Lang, a talented musician, who prepared with me, arranged and performed the programs for Etudes for Piano n°2;
  • Patrick De Hooghe the gifted pianist who introduced me to the Bielorussian Radio-TV orchestra from Minsk—and who performed with the piece as a piano soloist in Paris and Munich in 1998;
  • Anatoly Lapunov, an amazing conductor;
  • Marie-Pierre Desjoyaux a brilliant soprano who performed for the concerts in Paris and Munich-Wolnzach
  • Eduard Kastner who generously organized the concerts in Munich-Wolnzach
  • Luc Marty who co-arranged and orchestrated the "Suite orchestrale pour images" series for 75-pieces orchestra, piano and soprano in 1998.
  • The London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices.

2019 & 2020 - Concerts Projects

As the CEO of a nonprofit organization, The Orpheus Institute, I am looking for producers interested in organizing concert piano and/or 75-piece orchestra, all around the world and particularly in the United States, Canada and Europe for the benefit of traumatized children.


I am also looking for artistic agents who could put me in touch with artists interested in supporting the Institute's mission.


Performance programs would be mine but also all other outstanding programs that stimulate spectator emotion and enhance the artistic, spiritual, and humanitarian aspects of The Orpheus Institute.


The Orpheus Institute is a registered 501(c)(3) California Nonprofit Public Benefit organization. All contributions to T.O.I. are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

We have long-term goals for sustainability of this project—your investment today helps to get us to that point so that we can continue to serve PTSD men, women and children without charging them for our services.

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